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Tourist attractions near Poznan
The region of Poznan features many charming places worth discovering. If you have an opportunity to [...]

Shopping in Poznan
Whether you are in Poznan on business or as a tourists and wish to do some [...]

Selected restaurants in Poznan
If you wish to enjoy a unique culinary experiences in Poznan, our directory will give you [...]

Poznan nightlife and nightclubs
Poznan offers a lively nightlife scene. In fact, the city is considered at the very forefront [...]

Poznan weather and average temperature
Poland's climate is influenced by a continental climate from the east and a maritime climate from [...]

Poznan International Fair
The Poznan International Fair (PIF) (Polish: Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie) is a long-established (the first trade was [...]

Selected Higher Education Institutions
Adam Mickiewicz University in PoznanSelected faculties: biology, biotechnology, chemistry, physics, geology, information technology, materials engineering, mathematics, [...]

Business oppotunities in Greater Poland voivodship
Greater Poland Voivodeship (also Wielkopolska Province) is a voivodeship, or province, of west-central Poland. It was [...]

Old Brewery Business and Art Centre
Over the past few years, Poznan has become famous for its modern commercial centres which, apart [...]

History of Poznan
The history of Poznan, one of the oldest Polish cities, is closely connected with the history [...]

Poznan Lawica Airport - Flying to Poznan
Poznan's airport named after Henryk Wienawski – the world-famous Polish violinist and composer – is situated [...]

Poznan - Capital of Violin
Poznan is world-famous as a venue for two major music events. These are violin and violin [...]

Lilli Palmer - Talented Actress from Poznan
Lilli Palmer (1914 – 1986) was a German actress born in Poznan (then part of Prussia, [...]

Paul Edmund de Strzelecki - Prominent Polish Explorer of the Down Under
Pawel Edmund Strzelecki (aka Paul Edmund de Strzelecki) (1797 – 1873) was a Polish geologist and [...]

Krzysztof Komeda- Outstanding Jazz Pianist
Krzysztof Komeda (born Krzysztof Trzcinski) (1931 – 1969) was born in Poznan. He was an outstanding [...]

Fountains in the Old Market Square
What is unique about Poznan's Old Market is the abundance of fountains. The most famous one [...]

Picturesque Merchants' Houses of Old Town Market
Merchants' Houses, whose picturesque facades are often portrayed by local artists on the photos and paintings [...]

Burgher Houses and Palaces Around Old Market Square
What distinguishes the Old Market Square from other parts of the city is its abundance of [...]

Old Town Market Square and Its Representative Town Hall
The Old Town Market Square with its Town Hall, fountains and burgher houses is one of [...]

Castles of Poznan
Of all the historical sights of Poznan, two castles are among the city's major attractions. Both [...]

Church of St. Stanislaus the Bishop - Pearl of Baroque Architecture
Of all the numerous churches of Poznan, the Church of St. Stanislaus the Bishop, often referred [...]

Sighseeing Ostrow Tumski - Cradle of Poznan
Ostrow Tumski, the only island on the Warta River in Poznan, is the oldest part of [...]

Nature Reserves of Greater Poland
Apart from the numerous parks of Poznan and the lakes of Greater Poland, it is a [...]

Lakes of Poznan and its Environs
Poznan, thanks to its geographical location in the Wielkopolskie Lake District, is an attractive recreational centre. [...]

Botanical and Zoological Gardens of Poznan
Parks are not the only green spaces in Poznan. There are also other areas where one [...]

Poznan - City of Parks
Poznan can be referred to as a green city as green spaces constitute about three-quarters of [...]

Poznan International Fair - Past and Present
Poznan's trade traditions Poznan is famous nationwide and abroad for the Poznan International Fair held here [...]

Tourist Bus/Train/Tram Lines
If staying in Poznan between April 28th and October 14th, 2007 an attractive way of sightseeing [...]

Getting Around Poznan by Ship
If visiting Poznan from May 1st till the end of September, there is an opportunity of [...]

Parking Zones in Poznan
Parking rules Park your car in the car parks. Otherwise, your car may be towed away [...]

Getting Around Poznan by Car or Bike
Getting Around Poznan by Car While using a private car or one hired from one of the [...]

Public Transport Tickets
Both buses and trams use the same tickets issued by the MPK (Public Transportation Company) in [...]

Getting Around Poznan by Tram
During the last few years the number of cars in Poznan has increased considerably. Consequently, the [...]

Getting Around Poznan by Bus
During the last few years the number of cars in Poznan has increased considerably. Consequently, the [...]

Arriving in Poznan
By air So far if you have flown to Poland, you have probably landed either at Okecie [...]

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